Let our trained IT staff negotiate against your current phone, internet, or any other service provider, to get you the best service at the best price

Is unreliable phone or internet service impacting your business and your customers' satisfaction?

Reliable Phone and Internet are a Must Have for Any Business

Customers want to be able to reach your business by web, email, text, video, and of course phone. When they can’t there are several outlets for them to vent their frustrations by leaving a negative review.

… And here is the kicker,

Just one, public, negative review can impact your revenue… OUCH!

All because they could not get through to your business and get the service they wanted. 


  • the internet was down.
  • you were on the phone and can only take one incoming call at a time.
  • you’re not able to send text messages with your current business phone service.

If only there was a team of caring individuals that could help your business…


Care-ier Services From Affordable Computer Solutions

Our Care-ier Services program will research and determine the best and most cost effective internet and phone service for your business. ACS agents will negotiate on your behalf against all the litany of service providers.

Get available service options from any of our 85+ carriers like:

  • AT&T
  • Verizon/Frontier
  • T-Mobile/Sprint
  • Charter/Spectrum
  • WoW
  • and more!

Hurry the latest promotions are expiring soon, take advantage now and save even more!


Let’s sit down and talk about your business needs and how we can help.

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Sick of being overcharged for business phone and internet services?

Your Care-ier Agent will make sure you get the features and service you need at a price that won't make you cringe every time you pay your bill.

… and that’s not all! Here are the additional benefits of working with ACS.

  • We Truly Care About Your Business Needs
    • Our agents take the time to get to know your business and your specific needs to make sure we present the best options for your business, both now and in the future.
  • Single Point of Contact
    • Work with the same Agent for all our carrier services, no matter which carrier you choose. 
  • Tell It Like It Is
    • We don’t work for the carriers; we work for you. Therefore, we won’t hesitate to explain why you should not choose a particular provider even if the price is far cheaper than the alternative.
  • No Playing Favorites Here
    • It’s all about your business and its needs, NOT our commissions. 
  • Next Gen Tech
    • Our Agents are tech-savvy and up to date on all the latest carrier technologies. 

The Best Part Is …

You will get our Care-ier Services Program at NO CHARGE TO YOU!

That is right, our Care-ier Services Program is completely FREE to you, no strings attached.

If you are ready to

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction.
  • Reduce your monthly internet and phone bill.
  • Get features like SMS Text Messaging.
  • Call Routing, Video Conferencing, and Receive Business Calls from anywhere.
  • Fast internet that NEVER GOES DOWN! 
    **We Love SD-WAN, it’s amazing!

P.S. You may be thinking “Sounds too good to be true, what’s in it for you?

We do get paid a small commission for aligning you up with any carrier that we represent. However, we value building a great relationship with your business far more.

After all, we provide other services that hopefully you will choose to utilize too.



Let’s sit down and talk about your business needs and how we can help.

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